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  • "I really hate hotel beds."
  • "What will they charge us for next, $10.00 for a bag of peanuts?"
  • "You call that a carry-on???"
  • "No problem! You can drink the water here, it’s perfectly safe."

Sound familiar? They should. You’ve heard or made similar comments when sharing "life on the road" stories with your business colleagues or family. Why not tell even more people, or collect some? They’re fun to read, plus you might actually learn some new ways to survive another day as a road warrior.

Once you’ve read a few of these stories about Frustrations or Successes, you might even want to Send Us Your Story so we can share it with others.

So, what have you got to lose? Nothing! In fact, you can bet that one of these three things will happen while on this site. You’ll:

  • Laugh. (Crying is optional)
  • Think. "I thought my days on the road were tough, whew!"
  • Learn. "I’m going to give that a try."
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