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Stuck in the middle seat Why travelling can realy suck!

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RankGet the Lead Out

"If you receive one of those crystal-glass globes as an award at your next conference, make sure you take it out of your carry-on baggage before sending it through the TSA X-Ray. Crystal is full of le…"

Posted By Mike | cemments 0 | Security Checkpoints
RankScan Me

"At the TSA security checkpoint, I always put my shoes in first, then the bin that contains my computer and "3-1-1 bag" of liquids. My briefcase and rollaboard are last. Since my shoes come out of th…"

Posted By Curt | cemments 0 | Security Checkpoints
RankOrganized Confusion

"Here are my time-tested tips for not forgetting stuff at the x-ray machines. I always follow this exact procedure:
1) Put watch and cell phone in briefcase. 2) Undo shoe laces while waiting in…"

Posted By Cliff | cemments 0 | Security Checkpoints
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