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Stuck in the middle seat Why travelling can realy suck!

Success Stories

"Wow, Good Things Actually Can Happen on the Road!"

Believe it or not, there are days when things go well: Flights are on time, hotel rooms are quiet, tour guides know what they’re talking about and the weather cooperates. Simply put, some of us are just plain lucky and have great travel experiences. Sometimes, we aren’t so lucky, yet are still able to turn negative situations into bearable, or even wonderful experiences. Where do you stand?

The stories in this section outline, amazingly, great days on the road. Don’t get me wrong, some of the stories actually start out looking like disasters, but turn out well for our travelers. So, even if you’re "Stuck in the Middle Seat™ " right now, reading these success stories will at least help you pretend you’re in first class!

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RankSmile, Smile, Smile

"Smile! I just returned from a two-week business trip that took me cross-country and overseas. Know what saved me from disintegrating from jet lag, language barriers, and lame hotel employees (the la…"

Posted By Edward | cemments 0 | Personal Health
RankLove the Middle Seat!

"If you can find two slim people to sit between, the middle seat on Southwest Airlines is actually pretty good. The space on the floor under the seat in front you is huge compared to the window or ais…"

Posted By Anne | cemments 0 | Airplanes/Flying
RankLas Vegas Taxis-Forget 'Em

"Forget the long taxi line at the Vegas airport. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, the line can take 40 minutes to get a taxi. If traveling with friends, go to the opposite side of the termin…"

Posted By Steve | cemments 1 | Ground Transportation
RankOrange County Airport Security

"I just found out there are two security entrances to the Southwest gates at John Wayne (Orance County, CA) airport. Unlike other airports, you can use either the East or West security entrance and ge…"

Posted By Ed | cemments 0 | Security Checkpoints
RankSecurity Fast Pass

"I know this isn't for everybody, but I paid the annual fee for the Clear fast-pass and love it. I live in Denver, and there's a Clear lane here, so I can relax knowing I don't have to wait in a long …"

Posted By Scott | cemments 0 | Security Checkpoints
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